After the versions of Pokemon Ruby, Saphire and Emerald are successful, Nintenvị và GameFreaks released Leaf Green and Fire Red, the “remake” of Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red previous on the classic Gameboy devices.

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Overview information

NamePublisherConsoleROM TypeSize
Pokétháng Fire Red
Game Boy Advance

About Pokémon Fire Red

Gameboy Advance – although the system belongs to the past still has memorable games, typically Poketháng, Megaman Battle Network, Mario …

Poketháng Fire Red has a great storyline


The story begins with a young coach in the Kanlớn continent, raising dreams, ambitions to lớn become a great Poketháng trainer. However, a mysterious criminal organization known as Team Rocket appeared with the ambition of acquiring the entire continent with armed forces, which are the battle-force Pokemon. And so our anh hùng has lớn “cum” the task of rescuing the whole realm by training himself và defeating 8 GYMs department leaders to lớn achieve sầu prestigious badges lớn prove his abilities. As well as reinforcing the force to wipe out Team Rocket’s shadow.

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Turn-based battles help you explore the vast Pokemon world

Still based on the discovery mechanism – traditional turn-based combat of the series, Poketháng Fire Red gives players a battle between tight and engaging Pokemons. Every win will give you the amount of experience needed lớn cấp độ up, và help the animals evolve inlớn stronger Poketháng. Players can also catch many new Poketháng during Kanto discovery.

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Poketháng comes bachồng with a new look

With a beautifully rebuilt & bright graphics background, the game’s scenes appear quite harmonious, especially when compared lớn the original Pokemon Green và Red “blachồng and white”. The soundtrack is a bit low, but it is difficult to demvà much for a game that is released for consoles.

Download Poketháng Fire Red GBA Rom

Today, although consoles are no longer popular as they were a few decades ago, games such as Pokemon Fire Red are still noticed by many players. Demonstrating that by using Console emulators, players can still play Pokemon Fire Red on many different platforms such as PC/Mac, Android và iOS…

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