Picsart Việt Hóa Cho Android

Rarely has a photo-editing application has a large number of users such as PicsArt Pro MOD APK (Gold Unlocked).

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Photos & Videos
16.9.2 (build 993816902)
Gold Unlocked
Android 5.0

Picsart – Powerful image editor

With over 400 million installs, I can confidently clayên ổn that PicsArt is the leading thiết bị di động phokhổng lồ editor on the Android, iOS, & Windows điện thoại platforms, even recently also support Windows computers.

Basically, PicsArt brings the features of a powerful photo editing software on the PC platsize (Photosiêu thị, GIMP, etc.) khổng lồ the mobile platform. Professional features và intuitive tools built inkhổng lồ PicsArt will help you create stunning artwork with just the simplest gestures, phone optimized. It can be said, with PicsArt you can vì chưng many things.


The feature that should be mentioned first when referring khổng lồ PicsArt is the ability lớn edit photos. You will not need to lớn carry a bulky computer with Photosiêu thị software to lớn vày photo editing. PicsArt owns thousands of features to lớn make photo lớn editing even better.

Cliông xã the purple plus sign at the bottom khổng lồ start creating. When selecting photos from Camera Roll, you will see all the adjustment tools that you can use. Tap Tools, and then select Adjustments to fine-tune exposure, contrast, & colors. You can also try the Beautify tool to smooth out the skin and remove sầu blemishes.

Typical image editing tools

Include background eraser, crop, cut, delete an object from image, copy, add text, brush…PicsArt also supports creating và arranging layout lớn create Photo lớn collage is extremely qualified. There are also color correction tools such as Curves, Enhance, Tilt-Shift effects …

Effects (Filter)

This feature is also an indispensable feature on photo editing applications and PicsArt too. You can adjust the color of the image, black and white, HDR, movie, nostalgia, and many other effects.


Create artwork from photos through built-in AI giải pháp công nghệ. This feature is called Magic, with the result that the paintings are extremely unique. You should try this feature once; you will be addicted to lớn it!



Allows you khổng lồ insert funny icons inkhổng lồ your pictures. You can adjust the opacity of the sticker, the kích cỡ và color.

Create collage

Besides the ability lớn edit photos, PicsArt also allows users lớn create professional collages. You can customize everything including border style, number of images và more. And this application also allows you to pair your photos in a completely không lấy phí style.

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Paint tool

With the built-in drawing tool in PicsArt, you’ll become a professional typographer, or simply want to tell your story. There are many diverse types of typography and hundreds of different professional fonts lớn choose from.

MOD APK version of Picsart – Upgrade the power

Picsart Pro (Gold Unlocked version) is an upgraded version of this photo editing application. By paying for activation, you get access to Premium features, experience the app without ads and some other benefits. You can also use the MOD version (Unlocked Gold features) to lớn get the following privileges:

Exclusive FLTRs

Your image will be moodier with more than 40 image filters.

Over 3K+ Premium Items

You will have a repository of content with more than 3,000+ stickers, frames, backgrounds …

Video Editing

Access modern video clip editing with leading đoạn phim tools

Exclusive sầu Filters & Fonts

Special fonts và filters for Gold members only.

Note: You have sầu to login to lớn use the MOD version.


Is PicsArt a Chinese app?

No, this ứng dụng is developed và registered in the US, where there is a clear & transparent policy. No need to lớn worry.Source:

Does this tiện ích have sầu a PC version?

Yes, PicsArt supports Windows 10, iOS, and Android. But if you want khổng lồ use the MOD version on your PC, you need to use the Android version through an emulator.Recommended emulator: LDPlayer.

Download PicsArt Pro MOD APK for Android

With excellent features, simple, easy to use interface, PicsArt deserves the top pholớn editing application for many “virtually live” followers. Even this is more powerful than Adobe Lightroom and Fotor Smartphone version. If there is something down, only to turn on the network when used khổng lồ annoy me, in addition, the application is amazingly comfortable lớn use.

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If you are passionate about photography, graphics or simply want lớn make your photos shine, do not miss this phầm mềm. The app supports Android, iOS, & Windows (Both PC & Mobile).

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