Redesigned facebook beta for windows 10 mobile

The Facebook Beta phầm mềm for Windows Phone appears khổng lồ be getting a pretty interesting update this evening, at least for some folks. We"ve received several tips that the beta app has been updated khổng lồ version 10.0, which would be a big push up from the current version, & it brings some new settings along for the ride.

We haven"t yet received the update on our over, but Windows Central forums user Nicholas EK has reported some interesting changes. First off, in the Settings thực đơn, there are new sections labeled "App Permissions" and "Upload và Roaming Settings." The former is currently empty, but the latter contains toggles for allowing the posting of truyền thông media via your di động connection, roaming Facebook settings across devices, and the ability lớn draft posts on one device & finish on another. In addition, there appear khổng lồ be some Windows 10 aesthetic elements along for the ride as well.

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Again, we haven"t spotted this update on our own Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại devices just yet, but the number of tips we"ve sầu received indicates that something is happening. It"s possible that the rollout is phased, or the store simply hasn"t updated for everyone yet. Still, you can kiểm tra at the Windows Store links below lớn nab the lademo update if it"s available.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

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