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We Singaporeans, are passionate about our food and with so many cultural flavours on the thực đơn, we are spoilt for choice. From 20 to 27 May, check out ourFacebook Pageas we celebrate our love for food and variety with a fun challenge that will tickle not only your tastebuds, but also your belly!
To enter this conkiểm tra of scrumptious marikiviniemi.netedy fare, all you have sầu to lớn vị is marikiviniemi.nete up with your best lip-smacking food joke (worthy of a good belly-laugh), write it in the marikiviniemi.netment box, & send everyone inlớn a hearty laugh-fest, for your chance to win.

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The funniest jokes will be shortlisted(extra consideration will be given for originality), and three lucky winners will snag a $20 Frasers Gift Card each!

Terms & Conditions:

This Conkiểm tra is open lớn all Singaporeans và permanent residents of Singapore, currently residing in Singapore, over 13 years of age, except employees of Frasers Centrepoint Property Management Services Pte Ltd, its advertising agencies, retail tenants of Frasers Centrepoint Malls, their immediate families or anyone else connected with this promotion. No third tiệc ngọt entries, bulk entries or entries submitted by agents will be accepted.

Frasers Centrepoint Malls (“FCM”) reserves the right to verify the eligibility of each participant and may require such information as it considers reasonably necessary for the purpose of verifying the eligibility of an entry. The prizes may be withheld until and unless FCM is satisfied with the verification.

1. The conthử nghiệm is “You Got Served!” & the “condemo period” is from trăng tròn lớn 27 May năm nhâm thìn (23:59pm). Winners will be announced on 31 May 2016.

2. Prizes are as follows:

Three winners will receive sầu a $trăng tròn Frasers Centrepoint Malls Gift Card each.

3. To qualify for the contest:

Participants must be over 13 years of age at the start of the contest period, must have sầu a valid Facebook account và must be a bạn of FCM Facebook Page.One (1) entry by a participant consists of a funny food joke posted as a phản hồi on the respective sầu contest post on the FCM Facebook Page.Extra consideration will be given for originality.A maximum of one (1) entry per person is allowed for the Facebook conkiểm tra. Where a participant submits two (2) or more entries, the last submission will be accepted và the rest of the entries will be void.Participant's details must be provided after they are selected as a winner (i.e. Full Name, NRIC, E-mail Address, Contact Number và Date of Birth).

4. The official time is Singapore Facebook time. Any entry posted after the cut-off time will not be considered.

5. At the end of the conchạy thử period, a lucky draw will take place aý muốn all participants that provided one correct entry on the respective sầu condemo post. Each participant will have sầu one (1) chance in the lucky draw. FCM will select 3 winners.

6. For avoidance of doubt, the eligibility of all entries would be subject to lớn FCM’s decision which shall be final.

7. All winners will be determined by Management of FCM (whose decision shall be final) on 30 May năm 2016 after the closing of the entry period and notified on 31 May 2016 via a tagged phản hồi in the same Facebook post. The winners will only be announced on the Frasers Centrepoint Malls Facebook Page.

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8. All winners khổng lồ this Contest must liên hệ FCM via Facebook Message within 7 days of the announcement of the winners & provide their Name as per NRIC, address, email address, liên hệ number and date of birth to lớn be eligible for the prize.

9. Each prize is awarded conditionally upon acceptance và if a winner is unable khổng lồ be contacted within 7 days upon the announcement of the winners, a supplementary winner may be drawn at FCM Management’s discretion.

10. If any prize is unclaimed or declined after one month from the date of our email notification to lớn the winner, the prize shall be deemed as unclaimed or unaccepted. FCM will not be responsible should any winner fail lớn redeem the prize within the specified date.

11. FCM assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any costs, charges or expenses which a winner may be required to lớn pay at any time in connection with a Prize or in order khổng lồ attkết thúc a prize presentation or prize collection.

12. FCM reserves the right to lớn provide substitute prize(s) of similar value should the specified prize bemarikiviniemi.netes unavailable. Cash will not be offered and the prizes are not transferable.

13. In the event of actual or suspected fraud or abuse, such as but not limited to lớn plagiarism, and/or errors affecting the proper operation of this Conchạy thử, including the allocation of more prizes than are available, FCM reserves the right khổng lồ (a) kết thúc or suspkết thúc the Conthử nghiệm, (b) amover these terms và conditions, (c) declare void the notification of winner(s) & reselection of winner(s), or any marikiviniemi.netbination of these resolution methods.

14. Data of each participant will be collected, stored và processed for the purposes of administering and assessing this Conchạy thử.

15. FCM’s decision on the contest results is deemed as final & no correspondence shall be entertained.

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16. FCM reserves the right to lớn suspend, cancel or amover the promotion and/or Đánh Giá & revise these terms và conditions at any time without giving prior notice. By continuing to take part in the conchạy thử subsequent to any revision of these terms & conditions, each participant shall be deemed to lớn have sầu agreed khổng lồ any such new or amended terms.

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