Công Ty Cổ Phần Tập Đoàn Thủy Sản Minh Phú

about minh phu

Minc Phu is the number one in Vietnam and leading seafood company in the world.

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Our products are currently available in more than 50 countries and territories, with turnover ofover VND 12,000 billion per year.

Our vision

Through the possession of end-to- over and responsible value chains; Minc Phu aims to lớn build a complete ecosystem that brings good value to all the related members, puts Vietnam on the maps as the leading chất lượng shrimps provider

Our mission

In Minc Phu, we constantly combine experience, creativity, & responsibility across the value chain of shrimp production, from start lớn finish. Our mission is lớn provide the global market with the best, freshest, và most nutritious Vietnamese shrimp products; At the same time, it also brings khổng lồ the consumers the most peace of mind and wonderful experiences on every table, in every meal.

What makes Minch Phu different is that we produce our products not only based on the ordinary consumption but also driven by the historical, cultural values, and sustainable development goals such as ensuring food safety, protecting the environment, balancing the social benefits, & taking good care of the animals welfare.



Minch Phu"https://marikiviniengươi.net/cong-ty-co-phan-tap-doan-thuy-san-minh-phu/imager_5_7538_700.jpgs criterias & core values are reflected accurately through the Logo & the Slogans of the Corporation.

Logo Symbol: A Symbol of Trust. The eight pieces of the logo represent for eight core values và also be the foundation that we have been building, maintaining và promoting in 25 years.


We hold on to lớn the traditional values of Vietphái mạnh that have been motivating us lớn carry out our mission.


We vì what we say, và we say what we think. This is the guideline for the good things we bring.


Minh Phu is very proud lớn provide customers và partners with not only the right products as committed, but also support with a 24/7 service through extensive sầu business network in domestics and abroad.

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With our position and reputation, we always maintain the highest cấp độ of stability in production và unique, which can be rarely found in other producers in the same industry.


Minch Phu is proud to own a staff of employees with the most experiences và the longest seniority in the fisheries industry in Vietphái nam. This makes us become a family with solidarity, unification and connect the core goals of the Corporation with Partners’ success & customers’ satisfaction.


We always challenge ourselves & overcome our limits by the non-stop thinking of innovation, combine with experiences và technology, in order lớn be at the leading of any revolutionary works in the shrimp và fisheries industry.


We find inspiration và energy lớn dedicate from the work itself that we are doing, and attach our highest responsibility khổng lồ each production line & product.

Nuôi dưỡng

We care & take effort to connect the development of the company inlớn the social welfare of the community & the environment, because we consider ourselves as an indispensable part of these two factors.

Our Slogan"https://marikiviniemi.net/cong-ty-co-phan-tap-doan-thuy-san-minh-phu/imager_5_7538_700.jpgSHARING GOOD FOOD"https://marikiviniemi.net/cong-ty-co-phan-tap-doan-thuy-san-minh-phu/imager_5_7538_700.jpg

Our Slogan reflects our mission: sharing, caring, và connecting people everywhere through sharing and experiencing delicious dishes from Minch Phu’s shrimp products.

It is a simple but deep message to lớn all our partners và the world-at-large.


The strategy of Minch Phu in the coming period is khổng lồ create an end-to- over shrimp value chains that put Vietphái nam on the bản đồ as a top unique shrimp supplier. Minch Phu focuses on creating shrimp products with unique values to lớn create distinct competitive advantages that o other competitors can not have.

In 2015, Minh Phu has built a “global shrimp value chain” strategy, through the connection và end-to-over the production lines to gain the highest production efficiency at the most optimal cost.

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Our development strategy in 2016 & in the coming years:

Continue lớn innovate procedures và technologies khổng lồ optimize production & sales to lớn increase the gross profit margin khổng lồ 9% - 10%.Catch new markets, expand the market to lớn Russia & Trung Quốc, especially, China is expected to become one of the key markets in the future.Capture market shares from other shrimp producing countries, as well as gain market shares from other domestic shrimp producers.Increase processing và business capabilities, strengthen và control quality & efficiency through the Supply Chain.Connecting the value chains of shrimp cooperation shrimp và connect responsibly in every lines of Minch Phu Group in order khổng lồ create the benefated value that others competitors can not have.The criteria of the responsible value chain mã sản phẩm is that every unit in each production line will have sầu responsibility for works & products made by themselves. Since then, create the most responsible value chain và the best quality products.End-to-kết thúc Value chain.No further expansion of the farming area, but only make the most of the existing shrimp farming areas with the công nghệ of intercropping with tilapia as well as Biofloc technology to lớn limit EMS as well as shrimp diseases.Strongly implement Minch Phu’s sustainable shrimp supply chain to lớn provide high chất lượng shrimp for processing to export.Increase processing capathành phố by boosting the operation of Minh Phu Hau Giang factory, build a new shrimp processing factory in Ca Mau and a shrimp and fish processing plant in Hau Giang.Increase market shares in traditional markets through deeper access & product diversification.Establish a high-quality and disease-không tính tiền hatchery.Set up a distribution system in the international market along with clean food stores, seafood restaurant chains, fast seafood stores chains in the domestic as well as international markets.


Minch Phu is oriented lớn build on the modern corporation mã sản phẩm, to lớn gain optimal efficiency inproduction và business as well as connectivity and communication



At present, Minch Phu has a total of 10 thành viên companies, including 4 shrimp processingfactories and 8 subsidiary companies. Each member is an important liên kết in the entire value chain shrimp production of Minc Phu


Mr. Le Van Quang

General Director

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Chu tich Hoi đong quan liêu tri kiem Tong Giam đoc Cong ty CP Thuy nhị san Minh Phu; Chu tich HĐQT Cong ty CPhường che bien thuy san Minc Phat, Cong ty Co phan Thuy hai san Minh Phu – Kien Giang, Cong ty Co phan san xuat giong thuy san Minh Phu Trinch do: Ky su cong nghe đậy bien thuy san

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1983 - 1986: Pho phong thu cài Cong ty Xuat nhap khau Thuy san Minc Hai1986 - 1988: Quan đoc phan xuong Cong ty Xuat nhap khau Thuy san Minc Hai1992 - 2003: Chu doanh nghiep tu nhan Minch Phu2003 – 2006: Tong giam đoc Cong ty Xuat nhap khau Thuy san Minc Phu

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