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Ad blochồng is an essential experience for many people. Bad advertising can ruin experiences left và right, especially while browsing the website, playing games, and watching đoạn Clip nội dung. Of course, there’s a necessary evil aspect khổng lồ the whole thing, but people still use ad blockers anyway. There are several ways khổng lồ get ad bloông chồng on your Android device in at least some capađô thị. It almost exclusively requires root access or installing third các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps.

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There are no system wide ad blockers in the Google Play Store. You can read here to lớn find out why. Thus, most of the apps on the menu require a third party download & installation. We didn’t have sầu any problems doing so, but you may be a bit apprehensive. Also, more and more sites và services allow for payment in lieu of advertisements. We recommover that over ad blocking because it lets the creators of the content you enjoy continue doing so while also earning a living. Just a thought.

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AdAway (root only)

Price: Free

AdAway is a simple ad blocker phầm mềm. It uses a modified hosts file lớn skết thúc all ad requests khổng lồ In other words, the request goes nowhere and you see no ads. The ứng dụng supports modified or custom host files or you can download a basic one from the tiện ích itself. Host files are stored in a read-only part of the Android system. That means root is required for this one. You can donate if you want khổng lồ, but the whole tiện ích works for free. The only two downsides are that you must download them from F-Droid, not the Play Store, and that you need root access. Root users can always just change the host files themselves without an tiện ích if they want to lớn.

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Adblochồng Plus

Price: Free

Adblocker Plus is arguably the most popular ad blocker app on the danh sách. It works on both rooted và non-rooted devices, although non-root users have sầu some extra work lớn vày. The app runs in the background and filters web traffic almost exactly like its website browser extension. You basically open it once, mix it up, và then it runs on its own in the background. That’s about it, really. Hit the button khổng lồ go to lớn the official trang web with instructions on installing & setting up Adblock Plus on both rooted & unrooted devices.


Price: Free / $24.99 per year

AdGuard is a bit of a wild thẻ. We hadn’t heard much about it before doing this article, but it seemed to lớn work okay for us. The tiện ích blocks ads the same way as Adbloông chồng Plus. AdGuard runs as a service in the background và filters web traffic. It does work without root, but it requires a bit of extra thiết lập. It also keeps tabs on all of your website traffic similar khổng lồ apps like GlassWire. You also get a good looking Material Design UI to lớn put everything together. The miễn phí version blocks ads in website browsers only. The premium version runs for $24.99 per month, but you vày also get the premium version of AdGuard for your Windows PC or Mac computer.


Browsers with ad-block

Price: Free (usually)

There are a bunch of browsers with ad-bloông xã. These browsers filter out most ad traffic or at least the most offensive sầu ad traffic. Google Chrome has ad-blocking, but it still shows the ads that are the least offensive khổng lồ the viewer while leaving a few there so the sites can still make money. We recommover that as a happy medium (for obvious reasons). Some other examples of web browsers with ad bloông chồng include Brave Browser, Firefox Focus, Kiwi Browser, Samsung Browser, and a few others have sầu ad blocker add-ons lượt thích Firefox and Dolphin Browser. Choose the one you think will vì the best for you.

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Bloông chồng This is not the most popular ad blocker tiện ích on the các mục. However, it is effective, open source, and completely free to use. This tiện ích uses the same VPN style thiết lập that Adbloông xã Plus & AdGuard use. However, Blochồng This uses DNS blocking instead of a filter. The developer claims this method uses less battery than standard ad blocker apps because most of the work is done before the data reaches your Android device. There are pros và cons lớn using this approach. For the time being, we still recommover something like AdBloông chồng Plus or an ad blocking browser. However, we like the idea quite a bit.


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